Fifth Grade Grammar and Daily Writing

  • Spelling Lessons

    Each week begins with Monday. Word lists are drawn from Scripture, classic literature, and famous speeches. There are a variety of printable activities and puzzles each week. Year Three has a special focus on building vocabulary and includes a personalized, printable dictionary project for the students to create as they progress through the course.

  • Daily Grammar

    This is the workbook we will be working from. I will be handing out assignments every Monday during live Class so please attend Monday's!

  • Daily Writing

    writing prompts to encourage homeschool students’ creativity, thinking skills, and writing skills across the entire year. These homeschool language arts Daily Writing prompts help students from elementary through high school think in very different terms from those they commonly use and stretch their imaginations, even when writing about normal everyday things. Learning to think “outside the box” can help homeschool students become better communicators, both through the written word and in person, which are invaluable skills in today’s world.

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